Real courage when encountering difficulties

When we encounter a setback, embarrassment, or receive contempt or verbal abuse, how should we handle it?

Firstly, we should not let our ordinary mind react for us. Instead, we should calm down, thinking with our heart: “If I were a teacher, or if I was a Bodhisattva, how would I act to  deal with it?” By having such second thoughts, we are sure to reduce negative psychological setbacks by half!

Think that even the Buddha did received such insults, even evil and vicious, and that the Buddha heart were able to calm down impatience.

If we allow ourselves to react with an ordinary mind, it may be like volcanic eruptions of retaliation or counterattack to vent an angry heart.

Real courage is the courage to not kill, the courage of shame, the courage of retreat, the courage of forgiveness, and the courage of compassion.