Rinpoche is an accomplished chant master. He is very musical, and enjoys creating new beautiful melodies set to traditional prayers. See translations below.

Rinpoche teaching Norwegian students to chant Lama Chenno, 2018:

Rinpoche performing chö practice in Norway, 2018:

The following were recorded by Rinpoche in Taiwan in 2002 (translated text below).

The Verses of the Eight Auspicious Ones:

The Praising of the Buddha’s Twelve Deeds I:

Seven Line Prayer to Guru Rinpoche:

The Mantra of Guru Rinpoche:

Great Clouds of Blessings:



The Praising of the Buddha’s Twelve Deeds II:

Clouds and rain:

The Verses of the Eight Auspicious Ones

All that dwell in the auspicious realms of the ten directions, where all appearance and existence is completely pure, its nature spontaneously perfect.

Homage to the Buddha, Dharma and Noble Sangha,

May all be auspicious for us!

Drönme Gyalpo, Tsalten Döndrub Gong, Jampe Gyen Pal, Gedrag Pal Dampa, Kunla Gongpa, Gyach’er Dragpa Chen, L’hunpo Tar Pag Tsal, Drag Pal Dang Ni

Loving all sentient beings, knowing all, their activities satisfy the minds in a superior display of fame an and glory.

Merely hearing your names increases auspiciousness and success.

The youthful Manjushri, the glorious Vajrapani, Avalokiteshvara, the protector Maitreya, Kshitigarbha, Nivaranaviskambin, Akashagabha, and the noblest Samantabhadra.

Homage to the eight bodhisattvas, supreme in granting auspiciousness and success, gracefully holding your emblems: Utpala flower, vajra, white lotus, Naga-tree, jewel, moon, sword, and sun.

Holding the eight most precious emblems: the most precious umbrella, the auspicious golden fish, the wish-fulfilling vase of goodness, the exquisite Kamala flower, the conch of fame and glory, the glorious knot of prosperity, the eternal banner of victory and the all-powerful wheel are the creators of delight, making offerings to the Buddhas of all directions and times.

Merely thinking about of your essential qualities makes success grow more and more.

Homage to the eight auspicious goddesses (beauty, garlands, song, dance, flowers, incense, light, and perfume)

Mahabrahma, Shambhu, Narayana, Sahasrajna, the Kings Dhritirashtra, Virudhaka, Virupaksha the Lord of Nagas, and Vaishravana-each one holding your divine emblem: wheel, trident, conch, vajra, vina, sword, stupa and banner of victory.

Homage to the eight guardians of the world, who make auspiciousness and positivity grow in three realms!

With all obstacles and harmful influences pacified, may the work we are now about to begin meet with ever-growing fulfillment and success, and bring good fortune, prosperity, happiness, and peace!

The Praising of the Buddhas Twelve Deeds

When you, supreme among humans, were born, you took seven steps on this great earth and said, “I am supreme in this world.” I bow to you the learned one.

First, you arrived from the heavenly realm of Tushita and entered the womb of your mother. In the grove of Lumbini, you took birth. Blessed One, god of gods, to you we prostrate. In your palace, you were cared for by eight nannies and played with the Shakya youths. In Kapilavastu, you took princess Sujata as your wife.

To you whose body is unequaled in the three worlds, we prostrate. At the four gates of the city, you displayed expressions of sadness. You cut your hair at the Stupa of Purity

And practiced austerities on the banks of the Nairañjana. To you, free of the faults of the two obscurations, we prostrate.

You subdued the mad elephant in Rajigri. In Vaishali, a monkey offered you honey.

In Magadha, the sage gained true Buddhahood. To you, ablaze with omniscient wisdom, we prostrate.

You turned the wheel of dharma in Varanasi, and displayed great miracles in the Jeta Grove. In Kushinagar, your mind passed into parinirvana.

To you whose mind is like space, we prostrate.

Through the virtue of these brief praises of the deeds of the Blessed One, lord of the teachings, may the conduct of all beings become equal to that of the Sugata.

Tathagata, may we come to have a body, a retinue, longevity, a realm, and an excellent name just like yours.

Seven Line Prayer to Guru Rinpoche

HUNG. In the Northwest in the land of Oddiyana. On the blossom of a lotus flower. You have attained supreme wonderful siddhis. You are renowned as Padmakara, surrounded by a retinue of many dakinis. We practice following your example. Please approach and bestow your blessings. OM AH HUNG BENZA GURU PEMA SIDDHI HUNG.

Great Clouds of Blessings


Within the palace of blazing great bliss is the wisdom body that realizes bliss and emptiness.

Like a lotus, it is blissful yet free from attachment. From it arises the vajra sun, the splendour of great appearance and manifests as Amitabha Vajradhara, Avalokiteshvara, the lord of kindness that take form through compassion, and Padma Gyalpo, who completely subdues samsara and nirvana, the great powerful Heruka, subjugator of the animate and the inanimate world, the secret wisdom, Vajravarahi of supreme bliss, the treasury of great bliss, the goddess Kurukulla, who captivates the minds of all beings without exception, the Lord of supreme and mundane mudras who dances in bliss and emptiness, and the powerful vajra dakas and dakinis.

Within the great sphere in which appearance and emptiness are equal, the dances of Vajrakaya causes the worlds to tremble. The joyous laughter of unobstructed speech captivates the three realms, and red light rays completely permeate samsara and nirvana. Moving and gathering the refined essence of existence and practice. With a mind of great vajra passion, you bestow the two siddhis.

Supreme among all that we desire. With great vajra iron hooks and lassoes, you bind the phenomenal world in great bliss in a playful dance of a miraculous display. Hosts of powerful yidams and a vast number of the three roots, seated as piles of sesame seeds opening, we supplicate you with devotion, grant your blessings. Bestow the siddhi that unobstructedly magnetizes, the glory of the supreme and ordinary siddhis and all that we desire.



No longer cherishing the body, the god-demon [of distraction] is overcome.

The mind comes out into the expanse of space through the Brahma opening,

Overcoming the death-lord demon and turning into Throma, the fierce goddess.

With a curved knife in her right hand, she conquers the demon of afflictions by cutting off the skull and overcoming the demon of the form aggregate. Her left hand holds the skull and puts it on a tripod stove of human heads, symbolizing the Trikaya.

Inside it, the corpse filling the thousand million worlds is distilled into pure nectar by the syllables, AH and HANG, and is purified, increased and transformed by the power of the three syllables OM AH HUM.


Offerings made to the upper guests are fulfilled. The accumulations are perfected and the common and supreme siddhis are achieved. The lower guests of samsara are satisfied and all my debts are cleared.

Illness, evil spirits, obstacles are pacified into empty space. Harmful circumstances and clinging to self are blasted to atoms. At last, all that is left of the offerings and recipients is the unfabricated AH in the nature of Great Perfection.

Prajnaparamita, inexpressible and inconceivable, like the nature of sky, unborn and indestructible, is the object of self-aware wisdom.

May all be made auspicious by the mother of the past, present and future Buddhas. May all sentient beings achieve natural enlightenment by the power of vast generosity. May those who have not been liberated by the past Buddhas achieve liberation by generosity. May all be auspicious by the Buddha, the teacher. May all be auspicious by the Dharma, the savior. May all be auspicious by the Sangha, the guide. May all be auspicious by the three jewels, the refuge.