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Mother´s Day Blessing

A mother’s heart is the heart of compassion. We should always be grateful to our mother for bringing us life and giving us selfless dedication.

People who study Buddhism usually learn to be loving to their parents. The merits of showing loving piety to our parents are just as good as the merits obtained by supporting the Buddha. There is no difference.

In the days of Mother’s Day, we should be grateful to the mother’s deep virtues, and at the same time generate the vast willingness of the bodhisattva to save all motherly beings.

Every mother and caring person is a bodhisattva who protects life and protects love; in today’s special holiday, may all beings be blessed with compassion and wisdom, and also bless you all with the auspicious blessings of the bodhisattva.

May all mothers of the world be peaceful and happy, healthy and experience longevity!