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The Medicine to Heal

Sentient beings are like sick patients who need to see a doctor. The Buddha is the King of Medicine. He can distinguish the source of the illness of all beings and is also proficient in pharmacology and the right medicine. The “Dharma” is good medicine that can cure all the diseases in the cycle of life and death.

Some people are blessed and are willing to take medicine according to the doctor’s instructions. Some people go to the doctor but refuse to take medication. There are still some people who are very persistent, who are very sick but don’t know that they need to see a doctor. The result is of course miserable!

All beings need heart medicine to heal. The Buddhas and Bodhisattvas can understand our troubles, use various unique teaching methods to cure our illnesses, and use Dharma medicine to heal our broken heart.

We can seek refuge in the Three Jewels and take the opportunity to learn the Dharma. This blessing is because of practice in the past. We should take good care of our lives and practice so that we can be free from samsara.


Giving is one of the important methods in the practice of the six paramitas. In daily life, we should learn to eliminate sorrow and cultivate compassion through giving.

What kind of mentality should we use to practice giving? We should give with joy to give birth to happiness. Therefore, I encourage joyous giving.

Giving is not a game. It is not a comparison. Giving is a kind heart. By giving you will gain true meaning and happiness, as well as merits and benefits.

Also, remember that giving will yield a great return. You will gain more compassion and wisdom, that can be used to wish that all beings be free from sufferings and gain enlightenment. No matter how much you give, even if you only have a candle, you can get a return of incredible benefits.

~Khenpo Sangpo Rinpoche~