Monthly Archives: July 2015

Conquering the Biggest Enemy

Sometimes we treat the body and mind more cruelly than an enemy would. For our enemy will harm us far less than our own aversion, ignorance and greed. To overcome these negative forces will be a victory, just as the victory over the biggest enemy of the world.

So the real treasure is not to be controlled by the demons of our afflictive emotions. We can only save ourselves by substituting gratitude for dissatisfaction, compassion for aversion, and transforming negative emotions with wisdom.

These actions give power and spiritual growth to our lives. With this attitude we will find that we possess more in our lives than we thought we would be.

The Virtue of Forbearance

The virtue of forbearance is the essential quality that we shall practice in our daily life; it can save us from falling into painful experiences and help us go through all the difficulties. A person who can overcome his or her anger will always avoid disasters and find inner peace.
~Sangpo Rinpoche