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The Value of Life

Life is like a big fruit tree. People try their best to make the tree full of fruits. Full of fruit, it may look very rich, but if you don’t share it, the blessing will not occur. When the wind blows, the fruit will fall, and even the tree may fall down.

Therefore, you must know how to share your blessings, wealth, and happiness with others. If you collect real merit by given all of these, the existence of the tree will make sense. This is the value of life.

Apply the true Dharma and succed

The jewels give refuge. The Buddha provides love, and the Dharma gives a way to face and overcome obstacles.

But many people become impatient, and do not persevere when small obstacles are encountered. They may feel that the Dharma is useless or try to apply some spell in order to get rich.

This seldom work. But when we apply the true Dharma, rather than our own ideas, we cannot fail.

Sharing the Fruits of Life

Human beings are like trees, always trying to grow delicious fruit. It looks very rich, but if you don’t share these riches, strong winds may blow the fruits off the tree, and even the tree itself can fall.

Thus, we should share out our merits, riches and happiness with others, truly practicing  offering and giving. In this way, the existence of the human tree becomes meaningful. This is the real value of life.
~Sangpo Rinpoche


We should cultivate a sense of contentment, a sense of satisfaction, which is followed by less involvement in complex activities. Cultivating simplicity in one’s life brings calmness and simplicity to one’s mind.

~Sangpo Rinpoche