Giving is the first of the important practices of The Six Paramitas. In our daily lives, we should learn to eliminate the ego by giving. Fearless giving helps us develop compassion, and makes us feel richer.

With what state of mind should we practice giving? Giving should be done with a loving heart. It is important to develop joy and happiness, and therefore I encourage to give within our abilities.

Giving is not a competition. It is an action of the heart, and there are many ways to give. Giving true meaning and happiness, will return true merit.

Remember that the action of giving also will benefit the giver in great ways. The giver will be more compassionate and wiser, relieve sentient beings from suffering, and develop towards a supreme Bodhisattva.

No matter how much we give, if only a candle, will give big returns and incredible benefits.

– Sangpo Rinpoche