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Loving-kindness and compassion bring the biggest wealth

Our mind is compassionate by nature. I encountered many obstacles this life and once lost everything overnight. But my mind remained calm and peaceful because I faced the gains and losses with a detached mind. It seems all material wealth is lost on the surface, but loving-kindness and compassion in our hearts bring the biggest wealth and greatest strength to our lives.

~An excerpt from the book “Crystal Clear Mind” written by Khenpo Sangpo Rinpoche~

Turning the Mind Towards Dharma

Although we are in the cycle of samsara, we can turn the mind towards the Three Jewels and get the opportunity to learn the Dharma. This is a blessing resulting from practice in the past. It is a rare achievement. Therefore, we should take good care of our life, and continue to practice, in order to totally dispell troubles and escape samsara
~Khenpo Sangpo Rinpoche~

The Power of Gratefulness

If we start every day with a grateful heart, happiness and good luck will follow. Gratefulness for our fate will enrich our lives. Gratefulness for obstacles will test our firmness. Gratefulness for our frustrations will teach us how to be strong. We should always use the power of gratefulness and tolerance to turn resistance into helping others and ourselves.

Transforming Fears for Future Problems

We often anticipate future troubles, worrying and fearing for things that have not yet happened. This makes us forget that life is made up of present moments. We should, therefore, work hard every day and every moment to apply the three moods, and:

  • face each day with the understanding of impermanence
  • treat each present moment with an open heart
  • be grateful for people and things around us

In this way we can experience the joy and the true meaning of life.

Finding Happiness by Steady Practice

To change our dilemma is to practice. It is not something we can achieve in a few weeks or months.

By changing our mind, we can get out of trouble. Doing this with a firm heart, compassion and a broad mind, and integrating them into life and developing new habits, we can overcome difficulties and experience true happiness.

Being Grateful for What We Have

We often take for granted what we have, the people around us, for example, our parents, brothers, sisters, and friends, forgetting to cherish, and be grateful for them. Such a habit will not give us blessings. Instead, by being grateful, we can accumulate fortune and happiness!