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Tibetan New Year

Today is the first day of the Tibetan lunar calendar New Year, and also the beginning of the auspicious month of miracles. May everyone be able to abandon evil and do good, purify the three gates; realize compassion in oneself, and help all beings realize wisdom. At the same time, do not forget the original practice of diligently listening, contemplation and practice.

The guru blesses everyone to have good physical and mental health, complete blessings and wisdom, and wholesome fulfillment!

May Everyone be Filled with Joy

Let more people encounter the Dharma, and use sincerity to benefit all sentient beings. Let the Dharma enter our hearts and lead us towards the path of purity, compassion, and wisdom. May everyone be filled with joy in the Dharma, and enjoy good health and auspiciousness.

The Secret of Happiness

Happiness is the ultimate goal of all human thoughts and behaviors. Throughout history, people have always believed that achieving certain external standards would bring happiness. However, in reality, even when these standards are met, true happiness may not be attained. Especially in modern cities where material wealth is gradually increasing, people often feel that happiness is unattainable.

However, thousands of years ago, the Buddha observed the suffering in the world, pondered the root of suffering, and finally, through the practice of life, discovered the secret of happiness.

Discipline Transforms Afflictions

The key to transforming afflictions into enlightenment lies in discipline. A life with discipline is not afraid of afflictions, but is afraid that wisdom will not be generated when afflictions arise because of no proper discipline of the Dharma.

It’s like in daily life, don’t be afraid of gaining weight, but rather afraid of not exercising. With regularity and discipline, living life in the right way, one can eventually transform fat into muscle and transform afflictions into enlightenment.

Experience Happiness

To have an immeasurable heart and to benefit immeasurable sentient beings, one must learn the Bodhisattva’s heart. One must have courage and be brave in their actions, let go of attachment to the self, and transform afflictions into motivation. Accepting both big and small obstacles, one can break through their karmic forces. To change one’s thoughts is to change one’s destiny! Progress is made through change! I wish everyone the ability to experience happiness!

True Self-benefit

Human life is only for tens of thousands of days, and every day counts down without stopping. We don’t have the capital to argue and complain. Only with physical and mental health can we feel happiness and enjoy good karma. Without gratitude and good karma, money is useless, and it not only harms oneself but also torments those around us. There is karma in good fortune and fortune in karma. Knowing how to cultivate good and eliminate evil is true self-benefit and benefiting others.

All Blessings

Wishing you all blessings from the Three Jewels, with Buddha’s light shining upon you. May your whole family be safe and healthy, may the joy of Dharma be in your heart, and may your blessings and wisdom be complete.