Rebuilding The Gon Long Monastery


Rinpoche is from a village called Shenkar, which lies just outside Kandze. Generally, a monastery is an important part of a Tibetan village. It serves as a school for young children and a centre for the many activities of the village. A thriving monastery means a thriving village.


The monastery of Shenkar was very run down. I 2004, Rinpoche started the rebuild. It was decided to tear down most must, leaving just the old monastery hall. The new building was finished in 2010. The pictures below show the development of the project.


This was made possible by Rinpoche´s determination, the generousity of Rinpoche´s students and friends, and the support of the monks of Gon Long.


The following video shows the opening ceremony of the new monastery building. The parade of horses and motorcycles is very interesting.

Samye Buddhist Association International

Khenpo Sangpo Rinpoche